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Thread: MAP thermostat stuck open.

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    MAP thermostat stuck open.

    Hello, I have a 2013 X3 F25 with the N20 engine. I have been getting the generic code P0128, thermostat stuck open. I recently purchased a Carley to check codes and parameters. I checked the codes and had a BMW code 1d2008 MAP thermostat stuck open. I replaced the thermostat and then had BMW do it a second time. I also replaced the only temp sensor I could find with a BMW part. The Carley shows the engine fan duty cycle at 99.61% all the time, even when its not running. It also shows the engine temp at 143C all the time. I have noticed over time the engine light will go out. When I turn the defrost on before putting the vehicle in drive the temp gauge will not move off 160F on the dash, pegged low, and the engine cooling fan will be at full speed when I pull over. If I stop the car and restart it the fan will shut down. The fan is so loud people comment on how I should get my car checked. If I do not put the defrost on the car warms up as normal, the code will go away after a few start and stops, and the engine fan will not act up. Any ideas? What happens on defrost that wouldn’t any other time? Is there another temp sensor? Thanks for any help.

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    I’ve the same problem as you mentioned.
    Can you tell me what have you done to resolve it?

    Thank you

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    Chec for faults for the electric water pump

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    Was this ever resolved?

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