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Thread: Painting cigarette burn on headliner

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    Painting cigarette burn on headliner

    Hi, I purchased 428i couple months ago. Unfortunately, the previous owner was a smoker and there are couple cigarette burns on the headliner. (It was a great deal so I didn't mind it.)
    Now I`m trying to get rid of those burns. Since they are not so deep I think I can paint with a matching color so it wont be that noticeable anymore. I searched on the internet a lot but I couldn't find anything about fixing cigarette burn on the headliner, and I don`t know if painting will work or not and which product I should use.
    Have you guys ever dealt with this issue, do you have any suggestions?

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    It will always be there and visible: you have a texture deformation + you will never have a 100% match with using paint such as cloth paint: . It will be better, but you would need to reupholster the headliner to get rid of the damage and smokers smell.

    Good luck!

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