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Thread: pre-purschase anxiety about a 2008 BMW M6

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    pre-purschase anxiety about a 2008 BMW M6

    Hey everyone, hope all are doing well. I am a noobie on here and am contemplating buying a M6. I recently test drove a 2008 M6 convertible and absolutely loved the look of the car. I think I will be able to live with the jerkiness of the SMG transmission bwhen in automatic mode (i will be using th flappy pedals most of the time). However, I am nervous with all this talk about the rod bearings failing and other plethora of issues people complain about. I am not sure if i should bite the bulet on this car or stay the hell away. the said car is 08' ,SMG, 44k miles on it and at Carmax for about 28k. will be mostly a weekend car.unfortunately carmax doesnt allow a full blown PPI. any and all advise is appreciated.
    thank you

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    They donít allow a PPI?? I have never heard of that.

    Fears....fears when ya kissed your first girl, fears when you didnít do your chores, like a feats, after doing the item in questions the fears subside.

    I must say I do have anxiety with my M and it is completely unfounded.

    With any of these, not saying you are going to have to do it, but be aware of bearings, smg, and throttle act. repairs.....know what could happen and enjoy it along the way.

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    These cars are not for the meek. You should be able to do the basics yourself such as oil/filter/fluid changes, service interval resets, and basic mechanics. A good indy is also a must as the dealer will kill you. I love my M5, but this is my sixth BMW, and my second e60. Good luck.

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    If you are not a DIY guy, stay away.
    Maintenance cost on these cars can bankrupt and frustrate you.
    An Indy has destroyed my classic e31, so i cant say an indy helps.
    I bot a 2008 m5 with zero knowledge, and now am a hard core DIY lol.

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    Hello epicurean,
    The tread was started this month.. LAST YEAR !! Did you end up buying the car ?

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