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Thread: E46 M3 rattle sound. I am stumped what else could it be???

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    E46 M3 rattle sound. I am stumped what else could it be???

    Not sure if any of you guys are in but I got this dreaded rattle sound in my M3, at first I thought it was coming from vanos (and listening to it old school screw driver style, not just me but a friend of mine also agreed it does sound like its coming from the vanos listening to it this way but just straight up listening to it he said it sounded like it something from outside is loose). Took off the belts to see if its something accessory driven and the rattle is still there, although the tone of it changed a bit, and the volume is not as loud but still loud rattle sound.

    So initially I thought "Hey probably cam bolts, stop driving the car asap til its done." Well.. a month later I think here I am.. I'll put the list of things I have done so on trying to fix it..

    Beisan seals
    Beisan solenoid pack seals
    Beisan anti-rattle kit
    Cam bolts
    Beisan Upper chain guide
    Chain tensioner
    New belt tensioners
    New water pump

    Only thing vanos related that I haven't touched is the accumulator.

    Here's a video of the rattle..

    Anyone here has any idea what it is? doesn't sound like rod knock to me and to my friends. But at this point I am really stumped on what it is.

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    So I am going to shoot in the dark here, but did you tighten the 13mm behind the thermostat housing on the timing case? When it gets loose, it will sound like the VANOS rattle.

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    did not need to loosen that bolt but I will check when I get back on land tomorrow.

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    I know it sounds simplistic ...if you have more than 5000 miles on your oil.....try changing it wears ...engine gets noisier.

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