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Thread: BSW Stage One E36 Quick Review

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    BSW Stage One E36 Quick Review

    Just wanted to say how happy I am with my BSW Stage One kit on my E36 M3 non-HK.

    Seriously, stock sounded like such garbage. I had my doubts that the old Nokia amp was even working correctly. Upon removing the old speakers I noticed that all the diaphragms were completely disintegrated and falling apart! After installing the new kit it sounds fantastic, really updated the interior experience of the car! Like going from AM radio to CD quality lol. I found that the flat EQ setting on my headunit sounded best. I'm not going to win any bass competitions but there's decent bass from the rear deck 6x9's now too.

    For the price I paid on their black Friday sale this was a bargain and I didn't have to deal with aftermarket speakers, connectors etc, all plug n play! The glue part had me worried but once I did a few it was super simple.

    BTW I have no affiliation with them, just an honest, super impressed review.

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    Darn, I was hoping to wait a bit before I picked these up but after seeing pictures, I gotta order now

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    Putting sound deadening on the back of the door panels also helps a lot.

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