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Thread: 98 318ti no start

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    98 318ti no start

    Howdy! I lurk mainly at the E30 side and occasionally the E39 forum.

    I have this 98 ti I'm trying to bring back to life, It was sitting long term before I found it. I started with the basics. Drained fuel in rail and tank, changed filter and put new fuel in. Drained and replaced oil and filter. Pulled spark plugs, removed DME relay and Fuel pump relay and turned over the motor to prime the oil system. Put the plugs and relays back in their respective homes. Hopped in the car, pushed in the clutch pedal and hit the key. Motor turns over but no signs of life otherwise.

    Pulled out the rear seat and noticed no pump action. So I pulled fuse 18 and sent power to the pump, so I know it actually will work.

    Pulled plug wire #1 and noticed no fire. So I checked for power at fuse 26(DME), there is power.

    So I assumed that perhaps I had a faulty Crank sensor or Cam sensor. I hooked up my INPA to the car and apparently the signal is interrupted? And yes, my laptop was indicating the ignition was on and there was battery power.

    I did notice though, that the last time I was trying to run a check, that I could actually spin the ignition key all the way around 2 complete turns "freewheeling", then it caught, and clicked over turning on the dash and such. That only happened the last time I was trying to run a check and has never occurred before.

    So, there's all the info I can share to figure this out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Parting this thing out.

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    Oh you have the spinning key feature too lol. When that happens you have to slowly turn the key back to grip it. Don't spin it round and round , bcs you can readjust the ignition tumbler position and when that happens you will have to get the tumbler out,readjust it and put it back in ,which may be very time consuming. I would also drill out the steering lock just to be safe. I did that with my e39 .

    Do you get any flickering lights and dash illumination problems ? If so I would change the ignition switch and check the grounds connections .It may help if you sandpaper them especially if they are rusty or dirty. Also if the car was sitting outside for long i would check the exposed wirings for rodents and other animal damage.

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