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Thread: Please help, First Post, 1999 E36 328ic Need iSuspension Upgrade, Tire and Brake Fix

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    Question Please help, First Post, 1999 E36 328ic Need iSuspension Upgrade, Tire and Brake Fix

    Hi, this is my first ever forum post, heard you guys can be a great help so here goes: I want to fix up my e36 BMW 1999 328ic, think seals in transmission are problem because if I brake to fast, need to give it a second to clunck back into gear, so that's one thing, Amoco said needed new rebuilt transmission a year ago, I just changed the fluid and put some lucas in it, it works as long as I don't brake too fast, in snow today I don't think the wheel will rev up and spin for some reason, it go's, but can't really fishtail in it for some reason, so that's one thing,

    This noise developed, in front, when get above 45 tire moans, I think its the alignment as I've already changed the bearing (drivers side) twice (maybe it is passenger side making noise I can't for sure tell, still noise so changed tire, still noise so now I think must need alignment,

    Also my friend changed all brakes and hoses, and still the front passenger brake is doing most all the braking, we changed out the brake fluid, it was rubbing before that and changed the caliper again and the hose thinking that would fix it, but still problem, is it the brake booster?? I saw on you tube testing brake booster by pumping up and holding down ass start car and if it falls forward when you start it its still good. and it does do that, so what else could it be?

    Also one front shock has oil coming out and needs one in rear as one side in rear is substantially lower than other, so he was saying just change all of them

    also needs all 4 tires, maybe transmission soon, which gets me thinking if its even worth it, its a nice car! has upgraded motor I think too but is this ever going to be my reliable vehicle?? I wish it was an M3 then I would think its worth it and keep pouring money into it, but I really don't have much choice right now hopefully this post can give us some ideas so we don't keep fixing the wrong things, thank you , kevin
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    Moved to regular E36 forum, as the probs are not related to convertible, in the regular E36 forum more members read and reply.

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    Tire noise should generally be related to the wheel balance if the noise only seems to come from the tires above a certain speed.

    It would probably be cheaper or as cheap to swap in a 5 speed zf than getting your auto rebuilt.

    I consider my e36 reliable as hell, enough to put 1200 miles on it over a 3 day period with 172k on the odo and original Getrag transmission on its 2nd clutch. The majority of that trip was cruising on i5 at around '115-120 bimmers per year'. Zf trans are good til 200-300k miles depending on the driver, and these engines will last just as long. With proper preventative maintenance, you shouldn't run into any major mechanical issues.
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    check atf levels, fluid probably low. If filter hasn't been changed recently do it too. Involves dropping the main trans pan and cleaning the magnet. Check that your cooling system is ok. do a pressure test. Wheel noise and wobble is caused by tread/tire/wheel roundness and suspension bits in that order. Brake caliper, pad, rotor issues can also cause vibration. Replace dampers as the last thing to do while driving conservatively.

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