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Thread: 1976 2002 M44 engine swap

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    1976 2002 M44 engine swap

    I've read a good bit here about engine swaps in the 2002. I have a '76 in the shop that I need to install a '95 M44 and its trans in this car. Most of the articles are older and don't include much information on the engine mounting, or placement what photos I see don't show a lot. It looks to me like a good deal of cross member, firewall and transmission tunnel modifications need to be done. Does anyone here have information that would help us?

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    Same here , bought an e21 and got a z3 1.9 m44 engine. Couldn’t find nothing from resent years.. SEND HELP

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    There are quite a few build threads about doing M42/44 swaps into E21s, maybe there is some good info that can be crossed over? Just a thought.

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