This might be the wrong forum to post this in, but it said "Lighting" so here goes: I recently acquired a 2017 CPO 230i Convertible and am a little bewildered by the instrument lighting. It seems to have 3 modes: 1) all lit up in orange at night (this mode works fine, no problem), 2) the bottom is lit up in white and the top is lit in orange, like when it is overcast or raining, and 3) nothing is lit at all when the sun is shining. There are two questions that I have. First, when the instruments are lit in mode #2 the fuel gauge is illuminated in white (e.g. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full) but the needle that shows how much fuel is remaining is not lit up at all. This seems weird as the needle is difficult to see. When in mode #3 (nothing is lit in sunshine) the speedometer an tachometer are VERY difficult to read, especially with sunglasses on. I realize this isn't the most expensive BMW on the planet, but don't pretty much all cars now come with constantly lit instrumentation? Does anyone know if this is how they are supposed to work? Thanks very much for any insight you can offer.