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Thread: Cooper S won't start after car is warmed up

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    Cooper S won't start after car is warmed up

    Hey everyone!
    I have a Cooper S 2010. Many times when I am running errands this happens:
    1. The engine is warm.
    2. I have been doing many stops where I shut the car off. This usually happens on my second or third stop.
    3. I smell gas only at this time. It goes away rather quickly.
    4. The car will turn over but it won't start.
    5. If I wait for 20 minutes the car will be able to start with no problem.
    6. The car will show a ! sign and a yellow engine sign. But after I get the car to restart it goes away.
    7. I have replaced all the solenoids and the high pressure fuel pump.

    Can anyone tell what is going on?

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    I would have a diagnostic scan done,
    so the faults/errors can be displayed.
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