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Thread: Fikse wheels finally on the car

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    As for the clutch, I'm supercharging the car as well so the stock level stuff is not going to be up to par I imagine and the aftermarket options are fairly limited. Yeah that is my concern too about possible oddball dimensions. I'm going to try and get my hands on a stock setup and compare, taking my time so no real rush at this point. Looking for deals where I can find them.

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    Yeah as far as the driveshaft there’s a company we use at the shop called Beyer Driveline. They only do European cars but the problem is they don’t deal with the general public. Turner sells their stuff so you could go through them but they can modify your driveshaft to fit. The shop owner has a 2000 Dinan S3 740i that he 6 speed swapped and we had them do it. It was only a couple hundred bucks. They send you a measurement chart and what not to fill out that you package with your driveshaft. But like I said you’d have to call turner or maybe find a local shop that deals with them to help you out with that.

    The shift lever is the same part number only in some instances. The sedans share the same part number as the 8 but the coupes have a different number, I am not sure of the significance. I use for this. You can look at diagrams that are very nice and view all the part numbers spanning every market bmws are available so you can compare European to domestic to Japanese, etc. So I would play around with that before assuming it fits.

    The clutch I don’t know. The crank trigger wheel should not matter but the only thing I’d be worried about is some stupid unforeseen difference like the thickness of the flywheel compared to a V8 one even if they are the same diameter. As in the spacing of the contact surface relative to the clutch might be different for some reason or whatever. I’ve never tried it. If it were me you can get a Luk flywheel and clutch kit from rock auto for extremely cheap, I don’t understand how they even make money. But it would be worth a try if you maybe had one to compare it to before bolting it on.
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    You have a magnitude of options. The clutch is the same as an e39 540 and M5 if you stick with the 240mm one. The options become a little more scarce if you decide to go with the E34 540 265mm size. Tons of companies make clutches for those cars though. SPEC, Clutch Masters, Exedy, bunch a guys.

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    Please take it easy on me I cannot figure out how to use this form I'm going to the auctions the search options and typing in clutch switch my car will not start starter turns over when I hotwire it but I cannot figure out how to use this website I'm typing clutch switch in the advanced search button and then the threads come up talking about turbo-charged BMWs and how they're going to change from a 5-speed to a 6-speed how do you use this website is it useful please don't be too harsh on me but I just cannot figure out how to search for something
    Thank you and advance sincerely idiot Jayson

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