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Thread: 2013 135is

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    2013 135is

    Haven't been on here in a while, since I sold all my bimmers, but I'm now considering a 2013 135is.
    I've never owned a turbo before, so I know nothing about them, and I mean nothing...I had a few M cars, the latest was a 2012 M3 with the DCT...loved that trans.
    Here are me questions:
    The 135is I'm looking at has 53k on the clock, what should I be looking/listening/feeling for as far as wear or abuse?
    Does these turbos require a cooling down period before shutting down?
    How reliable are these many miles can I expect before having to repair/replace them?
    Do these car have any of the rear subframe tearing issues as the M Coupe/Roadsters had?

    I'm not looking at tracking this car...yet, but I may want to do some mods in the future.
    What/where would be good performance upgrades for these cars?

    I hear/read a lot about waste-gates, what are these and how long do they usually last miles wise?
    I know they have something to do with diverting exhaust, but not certain.

    I'll be looking at this car today, so any info ASAP would be highly appreciated!



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    Only the Z3 M roadster and M coupe had the trunkfloor failure, that was a very isolated issue.
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    No need to let the turbo cool down. Modern day turbos really don't need it. MAYBE if you were driving balls out for an extended period of time, like on a track. But normal every day driving, even spirited driving won't need it.

    We really don't have a lot of turbo issues anymore.
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