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Thread: Car chuddering after a few miles.

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    Car chuddering after a few miles.

    320D E90 2005.
    My car has started chuddering and losing a small amount of power usually after 7 or 8 miles of driving. It happens more frequently when I stop the car for a few minutes then start driving again. The chuddering after this is roughly 5 or 6 strong jerks then it fades out again. The jerking then returns after a few more miles. I have just had the car serviced, changing the oil filter, fuel filter and turbo filter but still the problem is still there. Has anyone any ideas as my mechanic is at a loss.

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    This forum is for the E46.

    Thr first step in diagnosing a problem is to scan the engine computer (DDE in BMWspeak) and the automatic tranny computer (EGS) for codes. The Service Engine Soon (SES) light is on only when an emissions related code is present.

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