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Thread: No more Chewbacca groaning noise.

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    No more Chewbacca groaning noise.

    Iíve been having a strange groaning noise in my 04 330. Sounds just like Chewbacca. At first it was only when I first started the car but it got progressively worse. I swapped the power steering pump and CCV system a couple months ago so I thought maybe itís the DISA valve. Swapped in a used one I had and there was no change. I bit the bullet and ordered a newCCV and all the tubes. Swapped it all out and no more noise. So donít buy cheap CCV parts. This last replacement was OEM. The one I just replaced was cheap eBay

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    The moral of the story: you get what you pay for.

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    Out of curiosity, did you replace it with the standard one or the cold-weather version?

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