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Thread: My directional lights stay on after ignition off

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    My directional lights stay on after ignition off

    Went out to my 04 330 vert the other day and noticed my driver's side directional was lit. Wasn't blinking but the bulb was lit up. After some investigation it turns out that with the ignition off if the directional stalk is flipped to either side the rear and front directional bulb gets power. Turn the stalk to driver's side and the driver's side lights up. Turn it to passenger side and passenger side lights up .

    Very strange.

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    Nope, not strange at all for the Euro folks. These are call "Standlicht" When you are in the city and parked in a area that doesn't get covered by street lights, you turn on that blinker to warn drivers of your car.
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    My X3 and e90 will do the same thing. This feature is actually described in the owners manual.
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