Hello all,

I have been having some issues with my abs module, I have the brake light, abs light, and dsc light on which leaves me to believe that I have something broken solder wise in my module, I don't have memory of what the codes are and I my car is in storage right now. I have removed everything you need to and have gained access to the module itself, and I thought it would be the the type where you can unbolt the module from the pump, I was wrong, it does not look like you can remove the module without removing the pump lines and pump, does anyone have a diy on this? do i have to drain the brake fluid completely or does the vacuum from the brake booster keep it from spilling? Does anyone know what type of module mine is? its doesn't seem to be a 5.7, is it an MK20? any insight on this?

Either way if any of you could help me with the removal that would be greatly appreciated, I have avoided doing work on electronics until now

Thank You,