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Thread: 328i replacing the heater control valve . . .

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    328i replacing the heater control valve . . .

    ve seen a video on Youtube and it looks easy to remove the hoses
    but how tough is it to put them back on ?

    Not much room to work and u have to stick the hoses back on
    in a tight space.

    Even if jacked up it looks hard to get your hands in there
    from the bottom of the car.

    Video says to remove the valve from the bottom of the
    car. Anyone remove it from the top ?
    so many wires and small hoses in the way topside.

    and tips on making this job easier ?


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    Do it from the top. Drain most of the coolant from the system and remove the hoses. Lube the new valve with a bit of liquid dishwashing soap and slide the hoses back on.

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    +1. There's really not much to it - the difficult part is making sure that you've bled all the air from the system, afterwards. If you don't get all the air out, the engine is very likely to overheat. Personally, I use a vacuum-fill tool, but there is a good DIY on the bleeding process in the FAQ thread at the top of this forum.

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