I have a 2012 X5 and the original owner didnt care for all that fancy nonsense so I got a CIC-mid, no nav, no dvd and a 6.5 in screen. I can live with all that it still sounds great. Anyway when i listen to Sirius and leave the car, when i come back I'm still tuned into the same channel as when i left but the screen is displaying channels at the top of the list, not the one I'm tuned to. Why is that? It happens 90% of the time. My choices are to scroll all the way to the channel im tuned to (usually 34) or back up and change my channel view preference (Channel name, song title or artist) and then come back and its good.
I've checked the manual, if there is something in there about forcing Sirius to display the channel your tuned to after engine start I missed it.
Anyone else have this or is it a personal gremlin? If so I will name it but until then...