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Thread: Power Steering Delete?

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    Cool Power Steering Delete?

    I own a 2003 325Ci, and recently the pulley for Power Steering broke off and broke the piece off where the pulley connects to the pump, so I have a idea.

    (Little bit of backstory, this car is not at all a daily driver and is just a fun weekend car, it is stanced and fully straight piped so I'm not one to care about comfort.)

    Anyways, I want to delete my PS Pulley, looked around and not gotten very far. Wasted 2 hours trying to research if it's been done, I found a post about a guy who was going to delete the pulley and get a smaller belt but he never said if it worked and what belt he got.

    Instead of buying another Power Steering Pump, I'd rather delete it and just buy a smaller belt.

    Does anyone know what size Serpentine Belt I would need, and would it interfere with anything having a smaller belt?

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    Kissimmee? Isn't that in Florida? It would explain a lot.

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    You will not like it, even after you drain the fluid from the rack's power assist portion.
    Power assist allows faster ratios, which make it very slow to turn without assist.

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    Why would you do that

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