Hi guys I'm putting together my 01 330i(general overall upgrade build. I will do 5 to 10 track days a year and daily drive it the rest of the time . Ebay headers tune 6500 rpm rev limit. the engine is in nice shape after oil and air leak maintenance etc. has 11700 miles. putting in vac oil pump shaft and pan baffle and replacing the stock balancer. not going to spend the money an a ati balancer. got a new corteco checked runout on it -16 thou checked my stock -9 thou . sendind the corteco back. has any one got long term track day experience with the febi or the dayco powerbond? also the stock balancer's are a sloppy non press fit. i could fix that with red locktite if i could get it off afterwords . they don't have provisions for a conventional puller. need to make a decision and get the this back together any input guys? Thanks Shan