Iím making this post to address anyone who is getting a misfire with fuel cutoff but canít seem to fix the issue. For me specifically I had a p1353 misfire on cylinder 6 with fuel cut off. When I had purchased the car in April, it had 110,000 miles and it was in bad shape with suggestions that little to no maintenance had been done on it at all . I had to replace everything on it including spark plugs, coils, valve cover gasket, mass airflow sensor, fuel pump, sucking jet pump, the ccv system, and every single rubber vacuum line on the car. Even after all of these repairs and frequent oil changes I was still throwing the code and shaking badly on cold starts and seemed to throw the code specifically at idle. I continuously smoked the car looking for one more vacuum leak that could be causing this. I put this on hold for a little bit and one night I was deep in the forums and I found someone had the same sort of issue and it turned out to be the cats were clogged but not throwing a p0420(cat inefficient code or something along these lines). This sparked my interest and I started researching what causes clogged cats and how to clean them. I read that one thing specifically can cause them to clog and thatís vacuum leaks and running rich. I put the two together that my car had been running poorly because the lack of maintenance when I purchased the car and it made sense why they could be clogged. On YouTube, Scotty Kilmer, an old school mechanic says he pours one gallon of lacquer thinner at 1/2 fuel mark and he drives the car on the highway high in rpms until he needs to refuel and then he just refuels and the cleaner works for several hundred miles after this. I did this exact process and about 80 miles in I felt a huge difference. My muffler tips were completely black, and my car ran amazing. I refueled and on this mornings cold start I couldnít tell the car was even on, all shaking gone, my car rpms no longer jumped at stop lights and it stays steady at 750 rpm, it has woken up tremendously and 100 miles After refueling from the empty tank I still have not thrown a code. This was my specific solution and I hope I can help out others if their situation is like mine. A huge thanks to a few people, jfoj thank you for being so patient and helpful through the whole process. I thank mango for many of his posts on these forums as well as jfoj and dmax as they all have helped me in someway. Also I would like to thank 50skid on YouTube, if you have an e46 I highly recommend you watch his channel. I have remained communication with him over Facebook and he is quick to respond and very helpful. I am grateful for the great bmw community that we have available and couldnít be happier with my car. Much luck to anyone who has this issue and I hope I can be of some assistance.

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