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Thread: Addicted...... to clay???

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    Addicted...... to clay???

    Ok, so at 46 I find myself with this strange issue. I recently bought a clay bar kit and find myself addicted to the process. Just the right timing of spray to clay, the particular motion, the kneading, the tactile and audible feedback, the study of reflected light at particular angles, the feel of the smooth paint....... I dunno, it just seems to relax me so much. I find myself claying my car, my wifes car, my daughters car. This of course has spawned another addiction to the scent of waxes!

    Does anyone else suffer from this embarrassing condition? I've run out of personal vehicles and am considering hitting up a neighbor to clay their car.

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    If you find clay relaxing, just wait until you try waxing by hand. I'm not talking about wax on a foam pad nor wax on a cloth pad. I'm talking about wax on your fingertips, letting the body heat melt a bit of wax and gently applying that to a clean surface. Small circles, slow circles, repeating until the whole car is done. After the wax has hazed, (no timeline here), remove with a plush microfiber, minimum 350gr/m2

    You can apply a layer or two of a sealant first if you wish, clean hands of course, no jewellery.

    The three waxes I've done it with are so pure and unadulterated, hand application works like a champ. Victoria Concours, (the red stuff), Pinnacle Souveran, and DodoJuice Supernatural.
    Of the three of those beauty waxes, I've found the Vic Concours to last the longest and all three offer a shine that is a level or two above most waxes.

    So, there's another whole area for you to explore when you run out of cars to clay. -- wax 'em by hand.

    Finally, an old school tip. Use ice cold water in a little misting bottle and mist the haze prior to removal. Small areas only to keep the mist ice cold. The theory being to harden up the haze/wax even more to make it shinier. Sometimes I think it works, other times I'm not so sure.

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