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Thread: Water Pump - Mechanical Fan

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    Water Pump - Mechanical Fan

    Hi all. I have an '04 wagon, and recently replaced the water pump, thermostat, coolant expansion tank, and hoses. While re-installing the mechanical fan, I cross threaded the waterpump stud/shaft, that the fan attaches to. I don't want to buy a whole new water pump. Anyone know specs on that stud. I'd like to find a die to rethread, then install the fan properly. Thanks for any and all help.

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    Not sure of the thread pitch but if you can't get that sorted, you can always drop in an E-fan from a manual trans E46 and eliminate the mechanical fan entirely. Plug and play.

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    "While re-installing the mechanical fan, I cross threaded the waterpump stud/shaft"

    it should be hand tighten until bottom out. You can't cross threaded by hand? People use wrench to torque the fan nut during installation and this is why they have to use special tool to remove. Hand tighten only, and then no need to use locking tool next time, but just a monkey adjustable wrench and tapped with a hammer is enough.

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    You might consider a new water pump. Just a quick glance at metric left hand dies and the cost is almost that of an after market water pump.
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    I concur with the recommendation of a new pump and an electric fan. The thread on the old pump is furbar’d. The electric fan is much more reliable than the mechanical thermal clutch.

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    I would fix what need s to be fix and nix the electrical fan your cars coolant system was fine til you cross threaded the fitting. lesson learned

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    I was going to say same thing, get E-fan. And you are in luck, I live in Oakland hills and got E-fan from a manual car from E46.

    Its way better and you car will not sound like truck, it will be a lot quieter too without that clutch fan.

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