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Thread: E36 obd1 no start no spark no engine light, warchip turboed

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    E36 obd1 no start no spark no engine light, warchip turboed

    hello, i dont post much but please help, i have been building this thing for over a year and now i am ready to start the car but i have a very weird problem. its 1993 bmw 325i m50 obd1 turboed.

    cranks no start, no spark, crank and cam sensors are new and within the spec. i have gone through 3 different 413 dme and still the same, new used engine wiring harness and the symptoms hasn't changed. no engine light when ignition is on. cannot communicate with the scanner when the warchip is installed, but will communicate with the scanner with the stock chip is installed.

    pin #66 is cut

    using a warchip from miller performance.

    little bit of back story,

    initially i was using the wrong tune and i couldn't hear the fuel pump running with ignition on. when i applied direct voltage to the pump, the car ran 3 times but would die. since the new tune i haven't been able to run the car as i have no spark and no fuel injector pulse.

    dme relay, fuel pump relay all new and within spec.

    i am genuinely lost and disappointed...if someone could guide me in the right direction i highly appreciate it.

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    i have been working on a 1993 bmw 325i m5025 obd1 turbo charged that has me very puzzled. the production date says 01/1993. i rebuilt the engine, turbo charged the car. using a warchip as my tune. when i first went to start the car , i had no power to the fuel pump and when i applied direct voltage to the fuel pump the car did run 3 different times but would die out about 30 seconds after i stopped applying direct voltage. contacted miller performance that made the chip, they told me i need to be using another tune and that the dme i was using was not the red label dme even though it was the original dme that the car came with. so i went to my donor car, which is a 1994 325i automatic and pulled the red label 413 dme, put the correct tune on it and now i hear the fuel pump priming with ignition on. HOWEVER i do not see the engine light coming on with ignition in the on position. additionally i have no spark and fuel injector pulse. my tuner told me, my no start is most likely related to the ews and i should cut the wire pin#66. after doing that nothing changed, i followed that wire all the the way behind the glove box and the wire meets multiple other grounds but no ews module.

    please note i also cannot communicate with the dme using a snapon scan tool. before changing the ecu and using the new tune, i was able to see the engine light come on with ignition in the on position. i checked the cel bulb and replaced with a known good bulb and the contacts are all good on the cluster but still no engine light

    i have been checking the wiring harness but i haven't found anything out of the ordinary yet.

    all fuses checked good, dme relay , fuel pump relay all checked out good. i have solid 12 v at all the positive contact points on the wiring harness....new crank sensor, new cam sensor, new ignition switch...and prior to changing them i did get readings from the cam and crank sensor and everything was within spec of the manufacturer.

    i ordered a new 413 red lable dme from ebay today which wont arrive for another week at the very least....

    but i was hoping someone could guide me in the right direction...

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