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Thread: Tools for regular maintenance

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    Smile Tools for regular maintenance

    Hello! Brand new to the forum. I'm picking up an E46 M3 here in the coming months and I was wondering what tools i should start stocking up on to keep around for the routine maintenance I know it's going to need. I really want to stay on top of things and keep the motor running as long as possible. I don't want to get into anything major like valve adjustments, just oil changes, brakes, tire rotations, and the little odd jobs along the way. I can't wait to join the Owners club and finally transcend my enthusiast status after 13 years. Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Tyler... did I guess right? Welcome and congrats on the new to you car. You're wise in doing as much of the upkeep as possible for a number of reasons. I'll leave the specific tool suggestions to others, but try to 'buy once cry once.

    A decent floor jack and at least two stout jack stands will be on your list. Sears sells Craftsman tools often with a good price on 'sets'. It can take some research to avoid buying a set that is simply too much.. I'll let dworthy and others join in with some specifics.

    Got pics of that car?

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    Yep! it's Tyler. Sadly, no pictures of the car, I'm still searching for my perfect one. Since it's been my dream car for so long though and I know it's what i want I just wanted to start getting the tools im going to keep my motivations up need in the mean time. I'm very excited to buy once cry once and Burn My Wallet

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    I do like Craftsman tools, for hand tools come with a lifetime warranty. You need to get the Metric set, for I have yet to find a SAE bolt on a BMW. Also Allen keys, and a star/torx set is useful to, have a look at this:

    A decent floor jack for the oil change, and if you have to crawl under the car helps out.

    I have several thousand dollars worth of tools, and I still don't have everything I want.
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    Def get the fan clutch tools from ebay, the valve shim tool, full range of Etorx / allen head sockets. 32mm 6pt socket, get a volt meter and at the minimum a handheld diagnostic tool like that of Schwaben $200, or you can grab an FTDI232 VAGCOM cable and the INPA pack from ebay with a computer, or I can send you the zip.

    edit also the nylon interior clip removal tools (cheap) and I torque wrench for all ranges.
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    Tools for regular maintenance

    Crasftsman tools are very good, lifetime warranty/replacement and readily available.
    You need a full set of metric box/open end wrenches (6mm-19mm), I also like the ratcheting type box/open end wrenches, 3/8” and 1/2” ratchet, full set of 3/8 and 1/2 sockets (6mm-19mm 3/8”, 16”-24” 1/2”), torque wrenches that span the range from 10ft*lb to 130ft*lb, breaker bar, ratchet extensions of all different lengths. That will get you started but with time you will need Allen sockets and torx type sockets, specialty tools like a large 32mm socket for oil filter cap, etc, etc; you’ll collect those speciality tools as you go along.
    Get a nice jack and good jack stands.

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