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Thread: '06 Z4M vs '17 Honda Civic Type R (I know...)

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    '06 Z4M vs '17 Honda Civic Type R (I know...)

    ///M: No more RD Sport cans, now I got RPI mufflers, Euro headers, DKF S-Pipe, RPI scoop (no tune)
    Type R: Didn't speak to him but it's a VERY quiet car on stock form, so I'm going to assume it was stock

    So it's been a while that I've posted on here simply because I.. have matured..? Not sure that's the case but anyhow.

    It was a short quick run. I had my 200lb brother in the passenger, the Civic had his short petite looking GF in the passenger. I passed him and I told my brother that these type R's are new "here" and are supposed to be quick. We both laughed...
    Well, he lines up next to me at the light and is staring at me like he wants to go. I wasn't in the mood to race, specially a Honda Civic. I then remembered reading somewhere that these cars' numbers are somewhat equal to that of a Z4M. We rolled off, and we gunned it at the exact same time.

    I was on 1st gear, fishtailed a bit but we're side by side. I shift to 2nd, and STILL side by side. I shift to 3rd, and he started falling behind by less than half a car length.....WHAT....

    My brother (C5 Z06 and C7 owner) obviously starts laughing at me saying I got beat by a Civic. On my defense, I didn't turn off DSC, I wasn't in the mood to race, and totally underestimated that car. He didn't beat me, in fact I pulled in front of him after 3rd but common, I'd expect better! I got home, did more research on the Civic, and here are that specs on a stock Type R;

    Type R Z4M
    weight: 3111 lbs 3200
    HP: 306 330
    lb-ft TQ: 295 262
    Transmission: 6speed manual 6 speed manual
    0-60: 4.9s 4.6s

    Some online sources say the Type R's 0-60 time is 5.7 and Motor Trend says it's 4.9.

    Not an impressive way to come back to the forum..
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    They are supposed to be very good on the track as well.

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    Not surprised. It's a turbocharged light 300hp car compared to an 11yr old N/A bmw.

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