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Thread: Another intake questions?!

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    Another intake questions?!

    I was looking through turner motorsport and i saw this

    Ive been researching about intakes and there's a lot of confusion. I'm leaning towards keeping with the factory system and possibly just get a more free flowing drop in filter. But i read that this can cause the car to run a little lean. So do i need to get a software tune to make sure it runs safe and to also make some more HP?

    What is also confusing is that there's controversial info regarding intake making power, with software i see 30whp gains? with no intake and just software about 15-20whp gain, so which is it?

    But if anyone has experience with the intake linked, let me know, i would like a little more engine noise as i'm only hearing my Rouge El Diablo axle back. But wouldn't mind a little more power up top

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    As far as horsepower with out a dyno chart it's a guessing game and when you have a chart where are the gains. Like a 4 into 1 aftermarket exhaust on a 1000cc Japanese motorcycle a dyno chart would probability show hp improvements at high rpm's , low end loss because of the less restrictive then the stock exhaust. Plus the ehgine makes more horsepower with cold air, fattier air molecules are better. So if you change the intake to something that is now sucking in warm engine bay air because the design sucks, well that was a waste of money. K/n filters of course flow more air because the filter media is way thinner. I don't like k/n filter because the oil on the filter can get on the airflow mass sensor wire and kill it, it's hard to clean and I don't like that the filter media is so thin and delicate. The stock filter system is probably pretty well designed. There are a lot of claims but you need proof.

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