I purchased my first BMW back in September. A white, 1987 325i convertible. I love it.

For the first few months, I dealt with using an FM transmitter and played my iPod over the radio knowing that I eventually would come up with some kind of way to run the audio directly through. I realized quickly the stock radio that came with my car's cassette player didn't work so I was skeptical that an auxiliary passthrough the cassette player would be successful.

Because of this, I wanted to look into seeing if there was a period authentic radio that natively supported line-in instead of some kind of harness or way to rig it through the cassette. I found that the Blaupunkt Nashville SQR 48 natively supported an auxiliary port and fit the general aesthetic of the late 80s.

I just took it to a car audio place today and they accosted me and told that the radio would not work with the car. I got it working in the parking lot.

I just want to make sure I have it configured correctly. It grabs the radio through the antenna. Both the left and right speakers work. Line-in works.

I'm not sure if the cassette player does not work because I don't have it rigged correctly or it's just broken. The person I bought it from on eBay didn't mention anything. Additionally, is there a way to have the lights on the radio brighten and dim with the headlight knob? That doesn't work either. Finally, how do I screw the radio into the dash? There's four little holes on the edges.

Thanks again for any help. I have lurked pretty hard on here since I got my car and it has been super helpful. It's a great a little community and I'm glad to finally be officially a part of it!

Have a good one!

Here's a picture of the radio.