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Thread: Strange Motor Sound - Please help

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    Angry Strange Motor Sound - Please help

    Hi All,

    Just got my first E46 and I love it. Just getting used to the SMG gearbox and seems to work a lot better going up the gears if you take your foot off the gas between changes and blip on the way down but I digress.

    There seems to be a motor sound coming from inside the cabin that I can't pinpoint. It randomly goes off and can be when tramming on the motorway or stuck in traffic. It's like a motor is trying to do something repeatedly but i'm not sure what. I'm thinking it could be the seat motor or wing mirror. I doubt its the SMG system as it was completely replaced 10,000 miles ago and its working fine. Perhaps it could be the fuel pump or power steering. I'll be sat there and hear a 'ZZZzzzzzzz' sound, like a little motor trying to do something but I cannot for the life of me see or work out what it is?????

    Its completely intermittent and goes off every now and then. Sometimes ever 5 mins, sometimes not for 10-20 mins.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum! I would suggest posting a video of the noise if you're able to or getting the car's codes read if you think there may be an issue somewhere - this should give you the info you need if there is in fact an issue.
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    Strange Motor Sound - Please help

    The SAP system usually has a hum or buzz on start up and usually the pump turns off and the noise stops. Maybe pop the hood and see if itís coming from the sap.

    SAP=secondary air pump

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    Very common...........motor or transmission mounts...and also in BMW be rear differential a result of time and overall wear.

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