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Thread: ltw e36 turd vs. 2016ish mustang gt

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    ltw e36 turd vs. 2016ish mustang gt

    hello good sirs and possible misses!
    if you are a mustang enthusiasts then scroll down to the second story.

    little back ground, this car trapped 117.2x on the limiter a couple times 6 years ago. the car is about 100pounds lighter now with no doors but the increased drag penalty above around 60 becomes noticeable and i suspect the car is slower above 100. the engine has 170,xxx with an m50 intake manifold. i have stock obd-ii exhaust manifolds to 3" with a flow through magnaflow cat no muffler, the ecu is untouched.

    i just made a 240+ mile round trip to pick up some e30 spindles for a 4 lug lightweight wheel and brake setup i will be doing on the turd. on the way home, while getting on an on-ramp i flooded the engine with all the extra fuel the stock ecu, running no maf closed loop allows and banged a couple gears to get up to speed quickly. well a white 2016 mustang gt made note of the feast and caught up soon after i entered my normal cruise speed of about 60mph. i noticed them staying by my side and when i looked over he put his window down and i gave him a thumbs up. nothing was said, he just put his window up and rolled into throttle a little. i was perplexed by his actions, normally pulls would commence but there is a spot up by the bridge underpass local law enforcement sometimes hang out. after about a mile and half i noticed i am catching up quickly to the car again. i am only going 60 so they are likely waiting for someone to dance it. i get along his door and blimp throttle to slide her into 3rd gear to let him know i will oblige. now begin the chess match, we both were confident in each others cars and wanted the other to get the wiggle and would proceed to run them down. after about 10 seconds i just placed 1. c4(shout out to those english players) and left. he was ready but i did get a small jump which needs to be noted. i focus on my driving but my peripheral vision caught the car falling back but it was not till i was top of 4th gear that i watched in the rear view to try an assess the pull i was putting on him. i suspect i put 3 cars on him to the top of my 4th which previously mentioned is 117.27ish. well after the short highway turns back into a main road he left a little space infront of him and we spoke briefly at the light. my first words to him were thanking him for assuming the risk. his first words to me were, "the car is 3600+ pounds". i told him as i sit here now my car is 2150ish(with driver) he said he wanted a couple more pulls and i just thanked him again. i estimate he was about 45 years old and was thinner then i, pretty chill to get a run in with a car which would drag me down the road if i was stock power and weight. just prior to writing this story i looked quickly as what these cars normally trap and it seems around 110ish? if this is the case i suspect his car was close to stock as the 7mph walk seemed about right.

    second story:
    last friday, i made the cruise to lebanon valley dragway for the 1320 track rental. i was not racing the car but just passing some time and trying to find some motivation. the pack of cars i cruied with were all 127+mph cars, a couple gtrs and c6 and c7 zo6's and an older fox body mustang. the friend i was going on teh cruise with has a gtr and i told him i like to do pulls as much if not more then most but i cruise slower speeds then most. he said there was a fox body in springfield we were meeting up with that would also probably drive slower. well the msutang and i watched the 9 and 10 second pack of cars ride off into the rising sun and proceeded to drive about 60-65mph for the next 45 minutes. i recalling seeing a cage in this car with the door bars cut out of it and becoming baffled by the tiny dual exhaust. well the mustang put his blinker on gets into the fast lane and slows down just as i am about even with his back bumper in slow lane he fucking sends it. it was hard for me to access how quick it was because i did not leave with it but over the next mile or so for me to slowly catch up i am coming to terms with the car being a monster. well i catch up to him and give a huge smile and a thumbs up. i then blimp 3rd and slide her in. he tells me to go and as soon as i jump he just cancels out my pull and proceeds to put on about 3 buses on me when i shut my car down at top of 4th gear. this was so crazy as i processed it, we both just drove 45 minutes all pedestrian like with no idea about either of our cars. we stopped at a gas station the pack had been at for about 10 minute and when i walked over to him all i could do was say, that car is a 130+ car right? he smiled and says yes, 136. i said it is tough for me to assess because it is not every day i get dragged down the highway by a car trapping 18mph more then i. i then made a joke about i am glad i did not pull my dick out first and was surprised we both went almost an hour. this guy was humble and we spoke about how he was going to try and touch 9's today so long as he 60's in the low 1.4xx"s. cool guy, i do not know how he turned out nor anyone for that matter as the even was delayed for about 4+ hours and i left before any cars made passes.

    over the next several months i plan to finish the weight reduction and the car should go at least 121 and be around 11.1ish. i will try to get some footage posted as i gets runs all the time; driving with no doors and going 60mph on highway gets a lot of attention. thank you for your time! peace and long life! be safe!

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    What motor and what dif?

    No doors OMFG dude.

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    Fish how goes it?

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    The legend returns! I'd really love to see what the car would do with some VAC dominator cams and supporting mods, or a 75 shot! What's your best 60 ft with your car? What's the fastest ET?

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    Love it!

    I could swore your SN was something with fish.

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    he alive!!! glad to hear the car is strong!! hope to see you update with some footage and more kill stories and perhaps vids??

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    Like this story!

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