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Thread: Found a mystery steering rack, can't find evidence of this part number anywhere..

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    Found a mystery steering rack, can't find evidence of this part number anywhere..

    So I am looking for a ZHP rack. I found this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/332394580681?ul_noapp=true

    It claims to be a ZHP rack and that the number is equivalent to the 785 297 4712 rack. I have literally spent over an hour trying everything I can with google to find any reference to the 785 397 4312 number that's on this rack and I found nothing. Anyone have any idea what this thing is? I really want it to be a ZHP rack but I'm not sure..

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    Why not do yourself a favor and buy the rack from Rack Doctor?

    Btw, there is no such thing as a “ZHP rack.” That rack was used in non-ZHP E46s.

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    Well, I hadn't heard of it, either, Mark, but it seems that Rack Doctor thinks they're special, and even sells them doctored up to use in cohny's E36:


    However, since there's not a ZHP's core to be returned, it's going to be expensive....

    Cohny, the part number you have is bad, as you know. I can't find any way to designate a ZHP car at realoem.com, so I can't find a part number. I tried different variations of the part number you gave, since your part number has two mistakes: {1) steering components begin "32", not "33" and (2) the part number you gave is one digit too long.

    (I can see the seven digit BMW part number in one of the close-ups at Rack Doctor, but I can't read it, dammit)
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    It's just really weird that I can find references to all of the other racks no problem, like here: https://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=954523

    I believe that while the BMW part numbers for the steering racks start with 32, most people in the community seem to refer to the racks by their ZF "785" numbers.

    I am going to pass this one by and keep looking. The reason I don't want to immediately go to rack doctor is the price is high at $430. There is a refundable core deposit of $150. To me this means I can try and find one for around $200 and then if it leaks I can get one from rack doctor and only be out around 50 dollars. If it doesn't leak then I saved myself some coin. With all of the things I need to do for next season (seats, mounts, harnesses, roll bar, hans, brake pads, tires, wheels, etc.) I could use every dime I can save.

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