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Thread: Anyone here running a ZHP rack?

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    I was able to snag a yellow tag (might of been green, can't remember) "zhp" rack via for $150 shipped to me with 60k miles on it.
    It came from a non-zhp 2005 330ci.

    The rack is not twitchy and I really enjoyed the quicker ratio at my track events over the stock ratio rack in my 97. I have not drove a car with the linear z3 rack but would like to eventually to compare to the progressive zhp rack. As stated earlier, the e34 u-joint is a great item to add to the list when completing the steering rack swap.

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    Interesting feedback on all this -- I had a Z3 rack in my 97 M3 and installed another in my 98' loved it and responded well on the track.

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