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Thread: 1999 e39 round plug under hood . No pin15. OBD1?

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    1999 e39 round plug under hood . No pin15. OBD1?

    My 1999 e39 in Aust only has the round plug and no pin 15. Does this mean it is OBD1?
    I am trying to clear my airbag light and bought the eBay reset tool but getting e10 no communication error. Now thinking what else I can try?

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    Your car is OBD2. If you canít clear an SRS error either the fault still exists or you have a communication error.

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    OBD2 vs. OBD1 has to do more with USA EPA emissions regulations. Then someone somewhere lobbied hard to make all cars comply to their OBD2 connector and protocols.

    All your car's modules are on K-Line protocol, and should work fine with any of the usual diagnostic cables.

    I would get a real scanner hooked up (just in case Chinese quality control wasn't up to par that day), and then check fuses and wiring.
    Also your E39 with Temic MRSZ3 airbag module was notorious for the ECU Internal Fault error.

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    You may want to confirm that you can access all diagnostics on this vehicle - there is further information which may be of assistance in this thread

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