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Thread: Chipster Siemens-MS41-Flash-Tool site down

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    Is the flashing software off Open MS41 as good as Kim's Chipster software?

    Open MS41:

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    Looks like it does the same stuff, and it should be supported going forward. I would get it if I needed something to flash an MS41. It will be WAAAAY better than fighting with winols and galletto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 328 Power 04 View Post
    You need to use MProg program to read your USB cable's serial number (Read and Parse), then use a hex editor on the “EOBD1260.exe” file browse to offset 0x249E90 or search for text string “marca”.
    There is an 8 character serial number written after 'marca', something like A8UDVPWH...
    Get your cable's serial number and type it instead of that serial. Save file and it will work.
    can i delete usb serial no in the galleto 1260 .exe file cause my cable has no serial no and i don't need to change or create a serial no
    can i put ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff...... or 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 which one can help
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drifter17a View Post
    I have a copy which i am
    Not sure if it is against rules here to pass on

    Initially i used gellato cable, bridged pin 14 and 18 , used romraider and changed rpm to 7k

    - - - Updated - - -

    If not againt rules, i can post a download link here
    Could you PM me the link aswell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baddabo View Post
    Could you PM me the link aswell?
    This link should help.

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