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Thread: Die Hard 50749 Advanced Gold AGM Batteries

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    Die Hard 50749 Advanced Gold AGM Batteries

    Anyone try these?

    Largest size battery I can find that will fit in the car. Had to remove some stuff on the driver's side to get it in, not sure if I can get it out now.

    850 CCA @ 0F
    170 RC

    20hr Rate



    So, had these working great but after just a few days off the tender, car would not start, zero juice.

    Plugged the tender back in, underhood posts. After a couple of weeks, still nothing. (Deltran Battery Tender Plus, same as they brand for OEM BMW version.)

    Wanted sealed AGM but maybe that's no good for E31?

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    I along with many others have been running AGM's for years. Sounds like you have another issue. Blown fuse or fusible link, perhaps.


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    You can read up on charging AGM batteries with a standard trickle charger. I had to connect mine in parallel to get them to full power and even then, it took a few days.

    Aalsot one point, I had to throw a non-trickle charger on them when they got really flat before switching to the trickle charger to top them up.

    Went with the Bosch sealed AGM group 48. No fitment issues, though the hold down plate will not work without drilling another hole in it (on hold down self, not on the tray in the car).
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