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Thread: Customer Camshafts - Web Cam Inc. - Riverside, CA - Delta Camshaft - Tacoma, WA

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    Customer Camshafts - Web Cam Inc. - Riverside, CA - Delta Camshaft - Tacoma, WA

    Title should be: Custom Camshaft

    If you ever had a custom camshaft(s) made by Web Cam Inc. of Riverside, CA or Delta Camshaft of Tacoma, WA, what was your application and how was your experience?

    Not looking for an E30 or E36 application, since there are many commercially available options already in existance (riot racing, sunbelt, schrick, etc.).
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    MM get (or atleast they used to) their cams made by Web they are hard weld. id get a name brand one e.g. schrick or catcams if possible as they will do custom stuff to quite often, if you cant you could do worse but have a chat to them first to get an idea on capabilities for your application. if they dont ask the right questions give them a miss
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