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Thread: Newly Purchased '06 325xi--Suspension Issues

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    Newly Purchased '06 325xi--Suspension Issues

    I just purchased my second BMW, a 2006 325xi with 69k miles. My first was a 2000 232ci convertible, which I owned while in Germany and just sold a couple weeks ago. It was a great car, so I decided to stick with them for another round.

    Anyway, with the 2006, I have noticed a few things that leads me to believe some suspension items are worn and need replaced, however Id like your thoughts.

    At higher speeds (above 65mph) the car gets squirrely when going over bumps or seams in the pavement. By this, I mean to say, its like it skips to the side and the car weaves a bit before straightening out. This happens while going straight, and not putting any (noticeable) right or left input on the steering wheel.

    When braking, the car veers right very slightly. When I let off the brake, it veers back left, again very slight but noticeable

    While braking, I can feel slight forward/rearward play in the front end. This happens when coming to a stop, and I can feel play again when letting off the brakes.

    Again, I have my thoughts on what this may be, but Id like to hear from you guys. Thanks!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum - it sounds like the car needs a solid alignment done. With under 70k, I don't think that you need a suspension refresh kit just yet; but I would check to make sure the sways are still in good shape. Take a look at the link below for some helpful guides as well!

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