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Thread: Hosting photos from Photobucket is wrekt

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    Hosting photos from Photobucket is wrekt

    A lot of photos and content linked from Photobucket has been disappearing from Bimmerforums. This is due to Photobucket no longer allowing members to embed images externally across the web. This is very lame indeed, so let's find another hosting service (obviously Imgur won't work, either).

    Give these a try: (Unlimited Bandwidth, Free to use but compresses image) (Unlimited Bandwidth, Raw Uncompressed Image, Keeps Exif Data, More features for registered users and Free to use, 100MB max image file size) (Amazing and simple interface, Unlimited Bandwidth, Raw Uncompressed images, Free to use, 5MB max image file size) (This one is not for everyone, it is basically a service to showcase your artistic work but works as image host as well, owned by Yahoo!)

    Don't use the these image hosts; Get miles away from them: (Old Outdated interface, No multi image upload support, Compresses image, No hotlinking) (Compresses images, biased and deletes images based on their own opinion, banned BF.c) (Old asf, Only paid $399/year accounts can host on 3rd party websites, Can't upload images as guest, Parent company of Tinypic, so even worse than tinypic) (Old asf, Only paid accounts have unlimited bandwidth)
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