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Thread: Frozen Front Hub Pinch Bolt - 2006 E83 with 119k

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    Frozen Front Hub Pinch Bolt - 2006 E83 with 119k

    I need to replace the front struts (leaking shock absorber) and have encountered a problem I am looking to resolve. The pinch bolt (31303450534) is frozen solid in the hub. I am able to remove the nut with no problem but the bolt itself will not move. I used PB blaster and WD40 to soak the the hub, put the nut back on the bolt and pounded it with a small sledge hammer but no luck getting it to move after 20 or more strikes. I need to remove the bolt to separate the hub to remove the old strut/shock absorbed and replace it with a new strut/shock absorber. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Try a torch caredully

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    Use a bigger hammer, hammer on the housing/hub a bit too? Try a ball joint puller if it will fit on?


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