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Thread: Backdating 1974tii to 1973tii engine with no emissions

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    Backdating 1974tii to 1973tii engine with no emissions

    What is the purpose of the Time Switch; Starting Valve; and Temp/Time Switch on a tii? Can any of these be omitted? If needed how are they wired? The harness that comes off the intake plume how is it wired. I have a rebuilt 73tii engine that I have put into a 1974 tii, some of the wiring is different due to emissions and I would like to omit what is no longer needed. Pictures would be helpful. Everything is installed, but have some wires that I am not sure where they go and what they are needed for on my backdate build. Thanks, Joe (Stock engine, mechanical distributor with Pertonix, 5 speed, LSD, no AC, M3 starter, higher output alternator, everything rebuilt or new)

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    Hi Whisper,

    I'm not that familiar with the injection system on tii myself, but I don't think all 3 of those are emissions only. But I'm pretty sure you might find what you're looking for on Keith's excellent 2002tii site.

    Else try the also fine 2002tii Registry Knowledge base...


    ps: if the above don't help - then try searching for, and then posting your Q's on the 2002 FAQ. More 02er's there.

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