Hey everyone. So to make a semi long story short. I bought this 03 330ci not too long ago. The other night when I was going out I started the car and noticed the cluster had a solid red battery. *Signs on to bimmerforums* and came to the conclusion that it was my alternator. I wasn't too pleased with that. So this morning I went out to go look at the car and get the part number & voltage for the alternator. Simple enough. But I started poking around and noticed the belt was off. *Signs on to bimmerforums* boom! It's probably the reason behind the red battery light. So I do a little more digging and noticed my pulley is snapped -_- Totally didn't see that coming. But the trippy thing that got me is the bolt is still in the block. Or at least it seems like it is. It might be in the power steering pump. So guys. How would you go about getting some rod out of the love of your life? Pictures follow. Thanks in advance everyone.