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Thread: value question:??

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    value question:??

    New to the 2002.

    Uncle has a 1976 2002 in his barn.
    he bought it new in 76. still has the window sticker in his folder.
    Parked it 20 years ago and hasn't run it since. 117K miles.
    no accidents, but paint is peeling and flaking on the hood and drivers door.
    covered in dust and has had some pretty serious water spots on the trunk lid from a barn roof leak.
    interior is intact and really dirty, but no cracks or tears i could see.
    has a sunroof. both doors close tight and correctly.
    car is Topaz blue.

    Car is all there, and has only two spots of rust through the metal, above the front corner marker lights...

    He says he would let it go for $5k.


    Has anyone that you know of ever made one of these run without a motor overhaul?? says it ran when he parked it.

    will post pics ASAP

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    Well, 1976 is not a special year for 2002s. Specially for people living in CA due to smog issues. Secondly, its nice that the car is one owner and original etc. but $5k for a car that's been sitting so long? Nooooo.... you can find nice ones running and driving for around that price. Maybe you can show your uncle the current market. For example there is one selling as we speak in Houston TX.... Heres the link:

    And a car that sat for 20 years? You are looking at $3000 in just mechanical works if you are doing it yourself and $10k repair work if you are paying someone else to do it and that's just mechanicals. Then body, paint work? Oh I won't even go there.
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