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Thread: Looking at an 2009 135i to buy, have a couple questions.

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    Looking at an 2009 135i to buy, have a couple questions.

    I've been looking for a 135i to buy, I almost bought one with the DCT but talked myself out of it because of potential problems with the tranny. I found an '09 with a manual and 70,000 miles on it. I've been researching info about the voluntary recall on the HPFP and the wastegates. Is there any way visually or by contacting BMW to find out if the HPFP or wastegates have been changed? I ran a carfax on the car and it doesn't list either of those things specifically but does list fuel injectors have been replaced at 33,000 miles and a valve cover gasket replaced at 54,000 miles. The vehicle does have a consistent service record performed by Columbia BMW in South Carolina. I've also done the recall checks via BMW's website and the government website and it lists no open recalls but I doubt the HPFP and wastegate would be listed as they are "voluntary".


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    Pop open the hood, there should be a sticker there stating the date and location of the hpfp recall service. Or you can call Columbia BMW and order the service records

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