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Thread: Need opinions please.............................

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    Need opinions please.............................

    I currently have an alpine white 2001 m3. I recently bought it. It was a texas car. The paint needs attention, but not paying 4000 for a paint job. I have wrapped cars in the past and am going to do it to this one. I am really struggling with what color to do between keeping it white, or changing it to LSB.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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    That's a tough one - I would go with LSB just because you don't see as many and it's a gorgeous color with the e46 lines.
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    Have you talked to a detailer shop to see if they can fix the blemishes in the paint? A good buffer can pull quite a bit out and clean the paint up with a clay bar. I would think that would be about the same cost as it would be to wrap a car. And I would keep the same color, if you do wrap the car, as it would look better when you open a door or trunk and all the paint matches.
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    And $4k won't result in a quality paint job. I"m with dworthy and at least give the recovery approach a try.

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    If it's just blemishes like the one I can see in the picture and there aren't too many (and it's just paint and not bodywork too), then it should be fixable without needing to respray the entire car. If there's big stuff that needs to be fixed all over the place, this obviously doesn't apply.

    For isolated paint blemishes like that, someone who knows what they're doing can usually clean, paint, and blend the area and surroundings so that it looks like new. It's not cheap if you're paying for the labor, but as I said as long as there's not too many areas needing that level of attention it's probably practical cost-wise.
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    Thanks for the replies! Ill sleep on it for a while.

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