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Thread: Mute stuck on X5 e53

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    Mute stuck on X5 e53

    Hey fellas,

    We just picked up our X5 from the deal today and have had a few electronic issues.

    First the instrument cluster and fuel gauge would not turn on. I manage to resolve this by checking the fuses and battery terminals.
    Then we inserted six CDs into the changer and turned on the radio, sound was audible for about a minute then it went to mute automatically. We were able to select between radio, CDs, TV and navigation all with no sound. On TV mode, mute was displayed. I checked the fuses (7, 72 and 74 I recall), left the car locked for about 15 minutes and the sound was back for around 30 seconds. Finally I checked the battery and noticed it is showing the 'recharge' indication. The car has only been driven 5km from the deal home today and could possibly be running on low charge.

    Could the amplifier cut out if the current is not sufficient?
    I am planing on driving the car for a few hours tomorrow. Do you guys think that will resolve the problem or could it be something else?

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    It could be something else, it could be faulty audio modules too.

    You'll need to do some electronic and electrical fault finding tests, change the battery if it's an old one and not holding it's charge properly, it might be a new faulty battery too. Check the alternator is good and charging. The audio might be shutting down due to that or might be faulty units so you may need to swap out with other known working modules to help fault find.

    Lots of electrical gremlin threads on the X5 section and also as this kind of thing is common over all vehicles, you can look for any common things to look at and try as well as specific X5 stuff too.

    Good luck!

    Cheers, Dennis!

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