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Thread: "If I had to do it again" 325i m50 turbo build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hova View Post
    What clutch where you running? Usually when the clutch is on backwards it will stall instantly when the clutch is released. At least that's been my experience.

    Idle issues, start with the simple stuff:
    CEL codes
    Spark plug gaps
    Vacuum leaks
    MAF, blow through? Make sure the contacts are clean and working.
    Alternator/battery, engine chassis ground.
    clutch is gripforce stage 4 still reused everything just had it installed wrong and as far as the poor idle I was able to figure out that a rubber plug I had on a fitting thats on my maf pipe fell off and so I just welded a washer onto a nut and tightened it up and no more issues I'm hoping to take it for its first real test drive today so i'll report back once that happens

    Quote Originally Posted by SilburE36 View Post
    LOL, same thing happened to me when I put my first M52 back together! Couldn’t figure out wtf that noise was.

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    you live and you learn lol hopefully nothing like that happens again but lucky for me was able to figure it out pretty quick

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    Been going into work early and staying late trying to get the car back to roadworthy still having a tough time driving the car but after I installed the innovate scg-1 it at least helped me with checking other things so here’s all the info I have so far

    Stock m50tub25 (internals and valvetrain)
    ARP head studs
    CES Motorsport headgasket combo .140
    60lb injectors
    Miller war chip with turbo base tune
    Walbro 255lph
    4” exhaust
    Tial 38mm wastegate
    Tial 50mm bov
    Mishimoto radiator w/ 16 “ 2200 CFM fan

    Cold start : cranks and starts but will need some assistance staying on by way of pressing accelerator slightly my AFR around 12 to 13 but if I don’t press the pedal and help it it will eventually start leaning and die out

    Operating temperature: cranks and starts idles smooth with no interruptions AFR sits at 11 revving will fluctuate between 11 to 14 with no issue

    As soon as you try and drive it within the first 5 feet the car is bucking bad AFR spikes to 22 but goes right back to 11 after pushing clutch back in and idles without fault

    Looked into a few things so far :
    •Fuel pressure is good (46psi?)
    •Vacuum readings are -20hg at idle (sprayed around engine bay chasing vacuum leaks and have found nothing)
    •Voltage to the battery is a strong 14.47
    •Coolant temperature sensor works properly
    •Fuel pump works (Have a strainer that is a little too large and folds on its self not sure if this is a problem)
    •Checked base tune and found o2 sensor was turned on so loaded the o2 sensor off tune and it seemed to help the idle but not driving
    Checked gap on spark plugs they were a little tight at .21 so I bumped them out to .24
    No CEL codes at all

    So anyways not sure where to look at this point but I’m close but I’ve been keeping the car at my job but my higher ups are not happy about it so I’m trying to finish before I have to get it outta there but will probably be tomorrow if I can’t figure it out and then I’ll have to find a place for it that’s not conveniently close to me so updates will slow down I’ll get back to you guys and let you know when I can
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    Found the air intake book was cracked replaced with bimmerworld unit Messed around with the car more didnít really run right just went ahead and replaced the ignition coil boots since I had them already ran some maf cleaner on on the maf and threw some more gas in it and it fired up and FINALLY took it for a spin down the road and man was she feeling good didnít push it hard but it finally drove and everything seemed good but unfortunately my fun was cut short. Because I mistakenly drove with the hood not completely shut and it flew up on me bent the bracket welded to the chassis and the hood but windshield was safe gotta replace the hood and bend the bracket back gonna see what I can do with that every good comes with a bad lol update yíall later
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