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Thread: Weird electrical problem, what is it?

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    Weird electrical problem, what is it?

    My car's electricity has been randomly shutting off, and then turns back on when I slam the trunk. It's a 2006 BMW 325i, 98,000 miles. It's probably happened 25 times at random, and every single time, the electricity turns back on after I open and slam the trunk.

    It never happens when the engine is on. It usually happens when I turn the car off and pull the key fob out, or when I go to unlock the car. The car will just appear to be dead and unresponsive to the key fob or unable to turn on. I manually open the trunk, slam it, and the electricity will immediately turn back on (sometimes locking or unlocking, like a delayed response to the key fob's prior command).

    Has anyone heard of this before? Spoiler alert: I know nothing about cars.

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    Your battery is in the trunk and I bet a shiny nickel that the positive bus bar is loose. On the right side of the trunk is a cover, at the top is a black release, just tug on it, and the panel will come out. Under that you will see the battery, make sure all the connection on the red square is tight.
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