BMW AUX input converter

***Not compatible with models equipped with Dsp. *** If your radio has a "DSP" button then this won't work for you, I learned the hard way. It was super easy to hook up but then I realized I didn't have the 6pin connector because of the DSP cable.


1996-2006 BMW 3 series
1997-2003 BMW 5 series September 1997 and up only
1998-2001 BMW 7 series
1996-1997 BMW 8 series
1996-2008 BMW m series
1996-2006 BMW M3
1997-2003 BMW M5 not compatible with Idrive
2004-2009 BMW X3
2000-2006 BMW X5 2007- 2010 please call
1996-2002 BMW Z3
2003-2008 BMW Z4
2000-2003 BMW Z8
2000-2008 BMW motorcycle

Mini Cooper

2002-2006 Mini Cooper

Aux input adapter for BMW Radios, this interface connects to the CD changer cables in the trunk.
All BMW are pre-wired for the 6 disc CD-changer 6 and 3 pin are terminated behind CD-changer trunk trim cover in the left side (driver side) of trunk. As an auxiliary input converter. This device allows you to plug in an external audio source, like an iPod, iPhone, portable Mp3 player, satellite tuner and DVD players.

The audio output from the external audio source will connect to the RCA inputs on he BMW aux interface,there is no need to remove the radio all BMW are pre-wired in the trunk only Direct connection to the BMW car stereo will
give you the best sound CD quality. this is not an FM transmitter
Plug and Play operation
Plugs in at factory Bmw changer cable.
No need to splice into BMW factory wiring.
No need to remove the factory radio
Works with all Bmw radios Tape CD Navigation
This is an Auxiliary audio input only, you can input audio from any portable source mp3 smartphone there are no
controls from the BMW radio, no charging we also carry many other options for BMW for iPod iPhone controls
3 & 6 pin connector in rear drive side of the BMW trunk.

List Date: 2/17/2017

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