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Thread: Playing in the car

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    Playing in the car

    Have you ever played video games in your own car?

    Whether on handheld or portable devices?

    Or if you have a mini screen in the dashboard or behind the seat monitors.

    I personally have never had the pleasure to do so.

    Watch movies on those in-dash mini monitor but never played a video game.

    Curios to know how common it is.

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    Just don't do it while driving Sure, play everywhere I can to kill my free time.

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    I have a 98 e36 m3 and my 0 to 60 is like 8 seconds what is happening to the car how is that possible can anybody help
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    If you fail to see the irony of your own rather inexperienced novice post of getting woed by spilling some oil or water on a belt, and asking us what we think from our experience, then prepare to be mocked by some
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    I know some v8 guys will unplug the spark plugs to just run 4 cylinders and save gas so i dunno how that works but whatever

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