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Thread: please help - how to fix paint chips and scrapes?

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    please help - how to fix paint chips and scrapes?


    i've had my e46 less than three months and she's already taking a beating in public parking lots. not just scratches. the paint is scraped off.

    what's the best way to touch up these kinds of chips and scrapes? so far i've seen debate about paint chip kits vs. sanding and using factory paint. what do you guys recommend?

    this one's a few centimeters and the worst due to the raised, scraped up texture at the top:

    these are just chips, a couple millimeters, but visible from 6 ft:

    thank you!

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    Any word? I was wondering the same thing. I saw somewhere, grab some touch up paint and do a long process with wetsanding with really fine grit and clear coat also

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    Pretty much. Touch up basecoat, clearcoat, and whatever polishing compounds you care to use. It won't be perfect, but if you're patient it works ok. You fill in the scratch with multiple layers of the basecoat color as necessary, smooth it with some really fine sanding or polishing compound, then apply a layer of clearcoat and polish again.
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